A country can go from comfort to poverty a lot faster than from poverty to comfort. Europe and much of Asia saw that after World War II. If we destroy our affordable and reliable energy infrastructure, and the industries that rely on it, it will take decades of poverty to rebuild it.

An escalating carbon tax on gasoline and diesel fuel is, effectively, an extra tax on energy (in addition to existing fuel taxes at the pump). Canada’s annual carbon tax rebate only gives us back a small percentage of the inflationary price increases that we are paying—now and in the future.

Over the next decade the political goal of achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 will make Canadian adults and their children poorer than their parents’ generation, without measurably impacting climate change or planetary CO2 levels. As already seen in the UK, as well as in Germany and other EU countries, green transition “leadership” prioritizing weather-dependent electricity generation (solar and wind) combined with other net zero policies has been disastrous. It will hike food prices, make transportation of goods and people much more expensive, and escalate our heating and lighting bills.

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