The Jew-killers are loose again. No other description of the joint Hamas-Islamic Jihad attack on Israel is adequate to the situation. And no response that denies this truth can claim a shred of decency.

We are not dealing with a spiral of violence here. Instead, as with Cato the Elder’s repeated insistence that Baal-worshipping Carthage was an existential threat to our humaneness so “Carthago delenda” (Carthage must be destroyed), the death-worshipping Jew-haters of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the Palestinian Authority are not misunderstood nor do they stumble into occasional excesses for understandable reasons. We are dealing with something much more primal.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did condemn the attack. But he reflexively inserted “balanced” language about “the need to protect civilian life” and “Our thoughts are with everyone affected” instead of a forthright “Hamas delenda.”

Sometimes images break through the fog even in our cosseted society. Like jubilant jihadis mutilating the half-naked corpse of a young woman, whose symbolism sworn foes of misogyny in our societies surely find especially hard to ignore. In the West, including Israel, we kill when we must. But going back to ancient Greece, we do not desecrate except when we lose our minds.

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