If you needed more proof that Canada is no longer a serious country, look no further than the announcement that the feds are looking to cut $1 billion from our pathetic defence budget. It reveals our government’s frivolously toxic mix of fiscal incompetence, obsession with symbols over substance, and hostility to our country and our culture.

Start with the budgetary mess. Spending had already rocketed up from $296 billion in 2015–16 to $362 billion by 2019–20 when the pandemic hit and the Trudeau cabinet was able to “find,” or more properly invent, literally hundreds of billions of dollars in new social program spending while locking us all down so actual wealth creation plummeted. And the finance minister and Bank of Canada assured us interest rates would remain low so we couldn’t afford not to borrow and spend on like whatever man. Now interest rates are rising, the squeeze is on, and they’re trapped.

Then there’s the symbolism. The CBC reports that Chief of the Defence Staff Gen. Wayne Eyre told the House of Commons defence committee, “There’s no way that you can take almost a billion dollars out of the defence budget and not have an impact.”

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