Does the UK know something of the terrorist threat to Canada that we don’t?

We in Canada are very fortunate to belong to a club called the Five Eyes. This is a post-WWII collection of like-minded (well, mostly like-minded most of the time) Anglo countries—Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and the United States—that share very sensitive intelligence among themselves. The agreement to do so stems from a variety of factors: shared history and culture, common experiences in wartime and peacetime, the English language, and an overall sense that we are all on the “same side” on many matters.

Canada was, is, and will most likely forever be a net importer of this intelligence. Yes, we have fine institutions ourselves (CSE and CSIS primarily), but we will never be able to compete with the UK and United States when it comes to size, budgets, resources, and capabilities. Since we get more than we give, we need to manage this relationship carefully. The current government under Justin Trudeau not only seems not to care about intelligence (witness the deplorable dismissal of CSIS information on People’s Republic of China interference in our last two federal elections), but irresponsibly released sensitive SIGINT (signals intelligence) on “evidence” of alleged Indian government involvement in the killing of a Sikh “activist” in B.C. a few months back.

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