Sharing is good, but there are rules to passing out intelligence

When I was a kid growing up in southwestern Ontario I remember a video/song that extolled sharing. It was, so I learned through Google, produced by the United Church of Christ and went something like this: “That’s the way it is, truly-ooly-ooly is. It’s nice to share.”

I wonder if Cameron Ortis, the RCMP official charged by the Crown with “sharing” intelligence illegally, saw that video too?

A 507-page packet of documents that both the Crown and the defence agree are factual was submitted to the court hearing the case. So, if both sides are onside that the basic facts are correct, what is left to decide? In that packet was a note that Ortis promised to continue leaking sensitive information to a B.C. businessman who was under international (U.S.?) investigation if the recipient would pay $20,000 for a first batch of classified documents. Pretty damning stuff.

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