A new survey suggests that people such as the hundreds of thousands to millions of Canadians who recently marched in solidarity for parental rights and against gender ideology indoctrination in the schoolroom are not part of any radical fringe group that is dislocated from current thinking or political norm.

They are the majority.

This is all very interesting because that is precisely the point that the #1MillionMarch4Children made on Sept. 20. I attended and reported on the Ottawa march, where at least 10,000 people demonstrated in favour of parents and in defence of children. It was a happy, enthusiastic crowd of Muslims, evangelical Christians, Roman Catholics, Sikhs, Hindus, and others.

There were people there from many political persuasions, and I interviewed many of them. I also interviewed the march’s organizer, Kamel El-Cheikh, about two months ago when he first announced his intention to mobilize parents of all faiths and politics to defend stop the gender ideology madness in the school system.

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