It’s often said that in a democracy, we get the government we deserve. This isn’t quite true. Children are suffering under the government their parents deserve due to voter apathy, and they don’t get to vote on it.

Local levels of government have become dominated by activists and we can only blame ourselves for allowing that to happen.

Canadians responded with shock upon learning the hyper-woke Peel District School Board in Ontario has been stripping books from school library shelves based on a bizarre, equity-based formula the school board had arbitrarily contrived. Even Anne Frank’s “Diary of a Young Girl” was pulled from the shelves.

There is likely no better book in existence than Anne Frank’s diary to teach youth about the horrors committed by the Nazi regime in World War II. This first-person account is easy for young people to digest and relate to. It was written by Frank when she was their peer in age. Then she was murdered in a concentration camp. A tragic ending with a harsh message but an important one for young people growing and developing their worldview.

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