Canada’s progressive movement has embraced an extreme and regressive form of racial “justice”—an unhealthy fixation on race that has prompted controversial, race-based hiring on university campuses. While “anti-racist” activists have been gaining ideological ground in Canada for some time now, the summer 2020 killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, was a turning point, reflecting a tremendous surge in their influence.

In the wake of American protests that crossed the northern border, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dropped a stink bomb into Canadian political discourse, declaring Canada to be a systemically racist country.

The idea of systemic racism derives from critical race theory—a uniquely American ideology that argues America’s history of slavery, lynching, Jim Crow laws, “redlining,” and overall poor treatment towards black Americans is reflective of a country whose systems are fundamentally built to oppress blacks.

How this is supposed to apply to Canada is quite bewildering. Historically, sectarian and racial conflict in Canada was usually along Catholic-Protestant, French-English and English-Irish lines. And Canada has always been moralistically prideful about being a less racist country without the same disgusting history of black enslavement and wars against North America’s indigenous inhabitants.

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