It’s nothing new to say that conservative politicians are speaking out against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s controversial carbon tax. They’ve been doing it for years, including waging court challenges against the pesky fee.
What’s different now though is more voices are joining the fray to critique the tax, as it feels increasingly unfair in the face of cost-of-living concerns. One of those voices includes a Liberal MP.
The federal carbon tax was first proposed 15 years ago by then Liberal leader Stephane Dion. It was roundly condemned as unworkable and accurately branded by the Conservative government of Stephen Harper as a “tax on everything.” While the tax would be noticed primarily by consumers when filling up their gas tanks, such a fuel and energy tax would end up pushing up the price on most products. And so it has.
When Trudeau first introduced the tax he made the incredible claim that it would leave families better off. The basic notion that a tax would put more money in your pockets defies common sense. But Trudeau was referring to the rebate put in place, which they labelled the Climate Action Incentive.

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