Over the weekend, Ontario Premier Doug Ford issued a letter calling on the Bank of Canada and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to halt any upcoming interest rate hikes.

“There is simply no excuse for increasing the already crushing pressure previous interest rate hikes have placed on so many families and businesses,” Ford said.

Here in Canada we had up until recently a very precious unspoken rule that said politicians weren’t to criticize the central bank. When Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre and B.C. NDP Premier David Eby did it—and when Ford did it in the past—people wagged their fingers at them for interfering in a supposedly non-partisan process.

But what else are they to do when this issue is no doubt what they’re hearing about non-stop from constituents? The problems people are having paying the bills is one of the number one topics of discussion. Politicians hear it from folks everywhere they go and their inboxes are being inundated with sad stories about peoples’ difficult financial situations.

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