Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s decision to suspend the carbon tax on oil used for home heating is rightly being seen as a watershed moment. Let’s hope it brings about even more tax cuts across the country, at all levels of government.

The recent carbon tax revision was the first time Trudeau has backed off on his beloved tax, which he’d previously been so hopelessly devoted to that he took the provinces all the way to the Supreme Court to fight for the right to impose the tax on them.

It doesn’t seem to be helping Trudeau politically though. After he announced his retreat on the carbon tax, yet another senior Liberal has stepped forward to say it was time for the PM to go.

Senator Percy Downe has stated that Trudeau needs to step down before the next election and let another prominent Liberal have a shot at the top job. It’s interesting that someone like Downe is sending this message. Before being appointed to the Senate, he was chief of staff to Jean Chretien. He’s both an elder statesman and someone who is familiar with Chretien’s own decision to step down mid-term and let another leader take over.

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