One of the main topics of discussion in Canada at the water cooler and around the kitchen table is the rising cost of groceries. Canadians are making their voices heard loud and clear on this topic. Politicians should be well aware by now that their constituents are having a tough time making ends meet.

Yet for over six months the federal Liberal government has been dragging its feet on implementing an effective way to bring down the price of many basic goods: taking the carbon tax off farms.

In March, the House of Commons passed Bill C-234, a private member’s bill put forward by Conservative MP Ben Lobb. The legislation removes the carbon tax on natural gas and propane related to farming activities. This includes the heating and cooling of barns and greenhouses, irrigation, grain drying, and feed preparation.
Despite getting the nod from parliamentarians, the bill didn’t make its way for a vote in the Senate until recently. While the delay is regrettable, the timing is impeccable in other ways.

The carbon tax is now politically weaker than it’s ever been. That’s because Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a recent carve-out for the carbon tax’s application on home heating.

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