An elegant experiment is described in which the blood of those eating different types of spices—such as cloves, ginger, rosemary, and turmeric—is tested for anti-inflammatory capacity.

Once in a while, I come across a study that’s so juicy I do an entire video about it. It’s like my “Which Fruit Fights Cancer Better?” video, or the “Best Cooking Method” one, or that one comparing thousands of foods. Well, this is one such study.

A group of researchers at the University of Florida–Gainesville and Penn State set up an elegant experiment. We’ve known, ounce per ounce, that herbs and spices have some of the greatest antioxidant activities known—but that’s in a test tube. Before we can ask if an herb or spice has health benefits, it’s first necessary to determine whether it’s bioavailable. This has never been done until now.

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