The findings were a cause of concern as ultra-processed foods make up over half of people’s daily food intake, said the study author.

Eating more ultra-processed foods (UPFs) like savory snacks and soft drinks can potentially raise the risk of cancer co-occurring with diabetes and cardiovascular disease, according to a recent study.

The study, published in The Lancet on Nov. 13, looked at whether the consumption of ultra-processed foods was linked to higher incidences of multimorbidity or co-occurrence of at least two chronic diseases in an individual. An examination of health data of 266,666 participants from seven European nations led the researchers to conclude that higher intake of UPFs resulted in an “increased risk” of cancer co-occurring with heart disease or diabetes.

UPFs refer to foods that are industrially manufactured with added ingredients and additives like hydrogenated oils. Such food items include soft drinks, processed meats, sweet or savory packaged snacks, and pre-prepared frozen dishes.

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