Age, sun, and childbirth can create changes in the skin’s appearance. Dr. Wu Duojia provides tips on how to restore the complexion.

“Beauty is only skin deep” but the face we present to the world still matters to us. As we pass through life’s stages, our years are reflected on our skin. Events such as childbirth and menopause, as well as years spent in the sun can bring changes to our appearance. Even smiling or frowning may leave an imprint. Dr. Wu Duojia from Fengze Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic in Taiwan shared her secrets for restoring skin lightness postpartum, and how to fend off melanin as we age.
3 Mechanisms of Skin Lightening
When we become suntanned, the pigment that darkens our skin is formed after the skin is damaged by ultraviolet rays. This pigment, melanin, then protects the skin by absorbing sunlight.

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