How TCM views sugar, and my “Sugar No More” 14-day sugar-fasting attempt.

If you’re trying to slim down, perhaps you count calories, but have you considered how much added sugar you eat? Once we realize the impact of sugar on health, should we avoid it altogether? Interestingly, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) believes sugar is just another medicine. Chen Junru, a TCM practitioner with many years of clinical experience helping people lose weight, believes controlling sugar intake is far more important than avoiding it altogether.

If you want to have a low-fat and slim, healthy body, too much added sugar in food is the biggest adversary of all. In the book “Zero Sugar Diet,” author David Zinczenko reminds us that added sugar can cause tooth decay, obesity, cardiovascular disease, etc. Too much sugar can also cause skin aging and may lead to excessive insulin secretion, harming the pancreas.

What exactly is added sugar? It is the extra sugar added to food, often found in beverages, cakes, biscuits, ice cream, and candies. Most of the added sugar is fructose. Since fructose cannot be directly absorbed and utilized by our cells, it is first converted into fat and stored in the body to be used for energy when the body needs it.

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