Poor posture stresses your neck and back, potentially leading to serious problems. These exercises will strengthen your core muscles and improve your posture.
Posture is one of the most challenging things to preserve as we age. This is because posture is complex and relies on the careful coordination of many muscles, bones, and joints.

Habitual patterns also have a powerful effect on your posture; good habits contribute to good posture and bad habits, of course, can promote poor posture. Unfortunately, with the emergence of ever more technology into our lives, poor posture is becoming vastly more common.
One of the problems I’ve witnessed with poor posture is that it can feel normal to those affected. Our posture can degrade slowly and subtly over time without much perception of change. Once symptoms develop, the changes are often advanced and can be challenging to correct. Over the years, I’ve had many patients who have required surgery to try to correct issues related to their posture.

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