Dr. Yang Jingduan, shares his insights into spiritual and physical health through a series of lectures titled, “The Three Tiers of Doctors Forum.”

Modern life can be exhilarating—but living at a fast pace can also bring worries, stress, tension, anxiety, and even mental exhaustion. In today’s chaotic world, many people are looking for a sense of peace and good health. Dr. Yang Jingduan, a well-known Chinese psychiatrist in Philadelphia, launched a series of lectures titled “The Three Tiers of Doctors Forum” to share his insights into spiritual and physical health.

The following is a transcript of his talk:
The topic of health is inexhaustible and of great interest to everyone. As someone who has been studying medicine for over forty years, I continue to uncover new things every day, and there is still much that remains unknown to me. This is the marvel and the challenge of medicine.

Today, I would like to share several cases of the same type of illness. When we perceive illness at different levels, we may employ different treatment methods, or patients themselves may choose different approaches, leading to entirely distinct outcomes. The cases I am about to discuss are all based on real experiences.

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