During sleep, your neurons make important new connections. Learn what optimizes this process for a better memory.

An age-old conundrum continues to confront countless students as they face mounting pressures from school: Should I stay up a little later to study or go to bed, wake up fresh, and tackle this material tomorrow?

Have you ever struggled through a study session before going to sleep, then upon waking, discovered that the material was fresh and deeply embedded in your mind? Conversely, have you ever chosen studying over getting sleep to the detriment of your performance the following day?

Although learning is still possible with a lack of sleep, our brain is programmed to strengthen new memories during (quality) rest. Whether you’re a young student or a retired professional, sleep is the most natural way to fortify your memory. In this article, let’s explore what goes on “under the hood” as our neurons work while we snooze and how sleep impacts both young and old in different ways.

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