Dr. Karima Hirani explains the flawed medical treatment methods and offers some simple lifestyle changes to boost our health.

Can you imagine being told by your physician that the best they can do for your chronic pain is 50 percent relief and that you just may have to “learn to live with it”? What hope for healing do the twenty percent of American adults that grapple with daily, chronic pain have? A new study has found that more people suffer from chronic pain than any other condition, including diabetes, hypertension, and depression. These statistics highlight the importance of adequate treatment and prevention methods for non-chronic persistent pain—before it becomes chronic.
In this excerpt, Dr. Karima Hirani explains the flawed medical treatment methods most often prescribed by doctors—prescription drugs that offer very little hope in long-term pain management—and offers some simple lifestyle changes we can make to boost our health. Further information regarding complementary therapies, including neural trigger point therapy, oxygen-ozone therapy, and others are included in Dr. Hirani’s latest book, “What Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You: How Complementary and Alternative Medicine Can Help Your Pain.”
There Is No Money in Curing Your Pain
You can find relief from your pain, but pursuing traditional routes probably won’t get you there. Why? The reason is simple: There’s no money in it. The unfortunate truth is that the profiteering of others is what controls how you can deal with your pain. I recently attended a pain management conference and was horrified when I heard experts saying things like, “Even with the right combination of pain medications, your patients can only expect 50 percent improvement in their pain.”

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