Is your weight-loss struggle related to inflammation in your body? What factors trigger inflammation, and how can they be identified?
“A very high percentage of people are coming in and saying … after I had COVID, after I had all these vaccines, now I have 25 pounds on me I can’t get rid of,” says Dr. Damon Noto, whose medical practice is increasingly focused on guiding weight loss.
When the body’s ability to clear out toxins and to repair is impaired, oxidation levels build up. This fuels inflammation, says Dr. Noto. This makes you hungry, he adds; it leads to your body storing more nutrients as fat.
Eating both high-sugar and high-fat foods can accelerate weight gain. Which lifestyle factor, if added in, can drive obesity even further?
Beyond diet and lifestyle, metal, fungal, viral, and other toxins can trigger inflammation. How can these be detected so that they can be treated?

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