Today we can exclusively report on a stunning new Freedom of Information Act disclosure from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in response to an inquiry about the so-called COVID vaccines, and in particular regarding the efficacy and usefulness of the so-called vaccines for people who had already had COVID.
There exists thousands of years of knowledge about the effects of natural immunity—meaning the human body’s natural ability to make antibodies for diseases which it has recovered from. Despite this mechanism being recognized since at least 430 B.C., the CDC insisted during the COVID pandemic that everyone had to take these so-called vaccines—including the naturally immune.
What basis did the CDC have for making this claim? Incredibly, as they now admit in the new Freedom of Information Act disclosure, they had no basis other than the say-so of a bunch of authors who were sponsored by companies that manufacture the said vaccines. It is a scandal of epic proportions. Yet once again the media is silent.

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