“You may be surprised what’s happening in your backyard if you start peeling back the layers.”
Alexia and Jason Preston are hosts of the Utah-based podcast, “We Are The People.” They’ve been exploring how institutions like the Chinese Communist Party, the World Economic Forum, and the United Nations have been influencing local politicians and policy for decades.
“It’s really not to see what people want. It’s how to get the programs they want passed through, so then they can bring it to legislators and say, ‘Well, 98 percent of the community wants walkable communities, so they want smart cities.’ So, they’re shifting perspective in that way and shaping perspective,” says Ms. Preston. “You’re seeing programs roll out in a way that it is really testing the public to see just how much will be allowed to roll out in Utah.”
“We need to stop. We need to look at where we’re heading as a nation, where we’re heading as states,” says Mr. Preston. “Is this technology that can be used for good or bad—is this going to lead our children towards a safer future? Or is this potentially going to lead them to a future like China?”

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