Dr. Monti delves into a liver cancer case that had metastasized to one of the patient’s ribs.
At that juncture, Dr. Monti had just initiated a clinical trial for treating metastatic liver cancer with high-dose vitamin C infusions. Laboratory and animal data had suggested that vitamin C at a pharmacological dose could be lethal to that type of cancer cell.
Once they gave the patient the infusion, the results were something his team had never seen before. The patient experienced a reversal of the bony metastasis.
Often, Dr. Monti’s patients report that they feel better, are more energized, and can think more clearly after a vitamin C infusion. In many cases, it also dampens the effects of chemotherapy. In fact, some of the research Dr. Monti has published suggests that there may be a synergistic effect between high-dose intravenous vitamin C and chemotherapy on tumor size.
But if vitamin C infusion brings this much benefit to the patient, why is it not used more widely? Dr. Monti explains its controversial past.

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