“100 percent of the vials that have been tested in five different labs around the world now have discovered some level of DNA contamination.”
Jessica Rose is an immunologist who has been analyzing datasets and testing components of the COVID-19 mRNA shots since they were released in 2020.
“If VAERS is a functioning pharmacovigilance database, then why isn’t it being used as such by the owners of the data? Why is it [that] independent scientists like me are having to do this work and bring questions to the table?” she asks.
“The onus is not on us to prove that these things aren’t safe. The onus was never on us to do that. This is appalling. The onus is on them, the manufacturers and the regulators, to prove that they are. And they claim that they have done that, but they have not.”
In this episode, we dive into her research and look into the latest studies concerning DNA contamination and vaccine injury.

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