It’s known that chia seeds are anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, and that they aid in weight loss. But how much do they cut free-radical activity? How do they compare to, for example, salmon in terms of omega-3 content?
In the Mayan language, chia means ‘strength.’ At one time, chia seeds were known as “runner’s food,” because runners and warriors used them as fuel for long-distance running or when fighting in battle.
But testament to their health benefits is not confined to ancient history. Modern studies show chia to be “punching above its weight” when it comes to protein, omega-3, fiber, and a host of other nutrients.
How do chia seeds compare to other seeds and grains in terms of protein? How do they compare to salmon for omega-3 content?
On the weight-loss front, chia’s protein helps to cut hunger cravings and calories. Moreover, chia’s fiber ensures you feel fuller for longer. That’s not to mention the pre-biotics that fiber delivers to promote good gut bacteria.
How much of your daily fiber needs can chia seeds satisfy?
We cover these and other nutritional benefits of chia seeds on Vital Signs with Brendon Fallon.

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