Researchers from Australia took blood samples of 29 children before and after COVID-19 vaccination. They wanted to see if the vaccine might have other beneficial side effects.
Vaccines can trigger an immune response in your body that can help fight off additional viruses or bacteria—not just the one specific disease you were vaccinated against. Think of it as your body’s defense mechanisms getting wiser. It’s called heterologous immunity, and it can happen with natural infections too.
The scientists noticed that nobody looked for this effect in COVID-19 vaccines for children.
But when they ran the experiment, what they found was exactly the opposite of what they expected.
Instead of seeing any improvement, they saw a reduced immune response toward other viruses, fungi, and bacteria.
This was a big surprise for them.
But it was not surprising to the doctors who have been speaking out about mRNA vaccine safety. These doctors already have a name for this: vaccine-acquired immune deficiency syndrome, or VAIDS.

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