With news of the Chinese Communist Party’s rampant targeting of the Chinese diaspora and dissidents of the regime in Canada coming to the fore in recent months, a new report from a House of Commons committee urges the government to push back against such threats and to find ways to protect Canadians from arbitrary detention by malign regimes.

The report, published by the Special Committee on the Canada–People’s Republic of China Relationship (CACN), compiles testimonies from 50 witnesses who have appeared at the committee over two parliamentary sessions. Many witnesses have offered stories and personal experiences of intimidation and harassment by the Chinese regime.

The report noted that CACN’s national security study on the issue first began during China’s arbitrary detention of Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, who were held in Chinese prison for over 1,000 days before being released in September 2021. However, the report also draws attention to other cases where the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has arbitrarily detained Canadians, or people with links to Canada.

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