Xi’s letter highlighted the association’s affiliation with the CCP’s United Front Work Department and its overseas infiltration function.

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leader Xi Jinping’s congratulatory letter to the Overseas-educated Scholars Association of China (OSAC) highlighted its function as a CCP-controlled organization to infiltrate the West, which has attracted international attention.

Authorities in Beijing celebrated the 110th anniversary of the establishment of OSAC, also known as the Western Returned Scholars Association, on Oct. 21. Mr. Xi called on the association to “rally talent from around the world and pool strengths of creativity for the development of the cause of the Party and the country” in his letter.

Mr. Xi also praised the association for its “contribution in uniting overseas Chinese students,” calling on the association to “continue to play its role as a talent pool in serving the country, a think tank of good ideas and proposals and a vital force in people-to-people diplomacy.”

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