A focused, unified effort is required to restore Canada’s democracy, former Newfoundland and Labrador premier Brian Peckford told attendees at a citizens’ conference in B.C.’s capital city.

Peckford made his comments in a keynote address at the Reclaiming Canada Conference hosted in Victoria May 26 to 28 by the group We Unify.

“The most successful governance system for people in the world is the nation-state,” Peckford said, receiving applause from the audience of over 200.
Participants at the conference included journalists, doctors, lawyers, politicians, and freedom activists. John Carpay, Leighton Grey, Charles Lugosi, Kip Warner, Dr. Stephen Malthouse, Dr. William Makis, and Chris Barber were among the speakers and panelists.

B.C. Conservative Party leader John Rustad told the audience that he’s “very worried for democracy” and “we’re on the verge of falling apart as a country” unless Canada is reclaimed “one province at a time.” He called on attendees to “renew confederation,” and coalesce around the values they wanted to promote, especially truth.

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