She believes when women stop being the gatekeepers of their families that’s when generations start failing.

Shelby Lancaster is a homemaker, loud and proud. The 27-year-old expectant mom of two from Middle Tennessee is part of a growing movement of women redefining what it means to be successful.

The 50 or so women who belong to the Back to Homemaking Collective see themselves as gatekeepers of their homes. Extremely resourceful, they have turned their backs on consumerism and the nine-to-five, and instead embrace traditional skills.

“I started gardening, I started canning and cooking from scratch, and I genuinely enjoy doing that stuff,” Mrs. Lancaster told The Epoch Times.

Sharing her simple, creative way of life online, the young wife and mother quickly began to connect with other like-minded women feeling the way she did. “They know that things aren’t exactly right, and they want change,” she said.

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