New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs has called for a review of LGBTQ policies in schools. Henceforth, parents of children under 16 will have the right to be informed of any changes of names or pronouns at school. “For it purposefully to be hidden from the parents, that’s a problem,” said Higgs. “To suggest that it’s OK that parents don’t need to know — just stop and think about that question for a moment.”

Many Canadian parents have been thinking about that question, and for much longer than a moment. According to a recent Leger survey, a majority of them—57 percent—agree that schools have a duty to inform parents, with only 18 percent disagreeing.

Predictably, Prime Minister Trudeau denounced the N.B. government as “far-right political actors” who were inflicting “cruelty and isolation” on vulnerable people. A tight-lipped Pierre Poilievre, who has consistently eschewed any stand on gender issues, only commented that he would “leave education policies to the provinces.”

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