A sinister faction of the trans lobby wants even the youngest children to be given hormones and surgeries.

What is the long-term goal of the trans lobby? A clue has been provided this week in New York magazine by its literary critic and leading trans activist, Andrea Long Chu.

Chu’s article is titled ‘The moral case for letting trans kids change their bodies’. Chu, who is a biologically male transwoman, argues that there should be unregulated access for all to cross-sex hormones and surgery. And Chu really means anyone, regardless of their psychiatric health or – and this is the really jaw-dropping part – their age.

He suggests that in order to achieve true trans liberation, ‘We must be prepared to defend the idea that, in principle, everyone should have access to sex-changing medical care, regardless of age, gender identity, social environment or psychiatric history’.

Chu certainly has form when it comes to making provocative statements. He famously credited ‘sissy porn’, a genre of pornography in which men are ‘feminised’ against their will, for his decision to transition. He previously came out with the observation that ‘getting fucked makes you female because fucked is what a female is’. He has also described the anus as ‘a kind of universal vagina through which femaleness can always be accessed’. Who knew?

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