BRUSSELS, Oct 25 (Reuters) – The European Commission has proposed imposing methane emissions limits on EU gas imports from 2030, a move that would pressure the bloc’s international fossil fuel suppliers including the U.S. to cut leaks of the potent planet-warming gas.

The proposal seen by Reuters on Wednesday and dated Oct. 23 comes in response to pressure from the European Parliament and some big EU countries including France in ongoing talks on a law addressing methane emissions inside the bloc.

Methane is the main component of the natural gas countries burn in power plants and to heat homes. It is also a greenhouse gas and the second biggest cause of climate change after carbon dioxide, with a potent warming effect when it escapes into the atmosphere.

The new proposal would require foreign gas suppliers to curb methane emissions from leaky oil and gas infrastructure.

“Failure to comply shall be disincentivised, taking security of supply considerations into account,” said the draft proposal, made during EU negotiations on the upcoming methane-cutting law.

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