Engaging in homosexual acts can still lead to imprisonment under Palestinian law.

A huge banner hoisted on top of the AMS Student Nest building at the University of British Columbia’s Vancouver campus was a real head-scratcher for those who understand which groups persecute LGBTQ people in the Middle East.

In bold letters written on top of blue and pink stripes as seen in the transgender flag, the banner read “TRANS LIBERATION CANT HAPPEN WITHOUT PALESTINIAN LIBERATION.”

While the banner’s time at the student building designated for UBC students to eat, socialize and study was short-lived, that didn’t stop some from going to social media to point out how just like the apostrophe in the word “can’t” was missing from the banner, so was any logic.

“Another gem from the University of British Columbia. This is intersectionality in action. Transgender people would be massacred in Gaza,” Angelo Isidorou, the executive director for the Conservative Party of BC wrote on X.

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