Defence challenges implications of term to describe a peaceful protest, raising questions about its validity and impact.

The prosecution’s primary witness, Zexi Li, repeatedly referred to the protest as an ‘occupation’ on the 17th day of the trial of Tamara Lich and Chris Barber in Ottawa.

The two co-defendants face charges of mischief, intimidation, obstruction of police, and counseling others during the 2022 Freedom Convoy protest.

Defence attorney Diane Magas raised objections, emphasizing the term’s serious implications under international humanitarian law.

Li, a government employee and activist, claimed that the Freedom Convoy represented an ‘occupation,’ with the description stirring controversy, leading Magas to challenge the term’s validity in the context of the peaceful demonstration.

The proceedings led to questions if the term applies to a civilian protest, and if so, what legal ramifications does it carry?

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