Sima was arrested and taken to Toronto Police Service 52 Division for an alleged ‘breach of the peace’ for displaying a sign stating: ‘Hamas is a terrorist organization.’

Sadly, another new low in Hogtown law enforcement etiquette occurred last Saturday when the pro-Hamas types took to the streets to stage an Al Quds Day hate march.

It was something to see: once again, calls for genocide erupted (“from the river to the sea”; “intifada”; “go back to Europe.”) There were even some individuals donning replica suicide vests. (At least we hope those vests weren’t real.)

This despicable display prompted Independent Spadina Fort York MP Kevin Vuong to post the following on X: “So there was no ambiguity, a ‘peaceful protestor’ cosplayed as a suicide bomber wearing a mock suicide vest. When people show you who they are, believe them.”

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