Canadian politics professor Eric Kaufmann offers a groundbreaking course in the United Kingdom where he plans to unravel the roots of the ‘woke mob’ and delve deep into the implications of this elite ideology, while expertly addressing the need to preserve political neutrality within institutions.

A Canadian professor is pushing back against the increasingly organized climate of radical extremism permeating the Western world that seeks to police speech, punish critical thought and unleash aggressive, targeted cancellation campaigns on anyone who so much as questions modern-day “progressive” ideas. It’s typically referred to as the “woke mob.”

Canadian professor of politics Eric Kaufmann has recently announced his latest course at the University of Buckingham in the United Kingdom titled “Woke: The Origins, Dynamics and Implications of an Elite Ideology” in response.

Kaufmann begins by defining woke as the “making sacred of historically marginalized race, gender and sexual identity groups.”

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