The Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) previously issued a statement on September 18, ahead of the ‘1 Million March 4 Children’ demonstrations.
“We recognise the intended purpose of community members to hold these protests is to maintain the rights of parents to be actively involved in their children’s education, and for children to uphold their religious beliefs,” they wrote.
On September 20, the MAC issued another statement that said, “We call on politicians and school boards, beginning with Prime Minister Trudeau, to retract their deeply inflammatory and divisive comments and issue an apology to the thousands of Canadian parents hurt by these comments.”
The statement continued:
“We demand that every child deserves a coercion-free education environment where they are not forced to engage in activities contrary to their faith.
“In this regard, we call upon all politicians, school boards and districts, principals and staff, to guarantee the safety and religious rights of all students and to ensure students are not penalized for upholding their religious beliefs without enforcing them upon others.”

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