Chris Scott, owner of The Whistle Stop Cafe, and Wesley Langlois, owner of Mom’s Diner, were both among the early recipients of Covid-19 violation charges, incurring the wrath of authorities for daring to remain open throughout the pandemic and refusing to exclude patrons from their respective dining establishments.

Rebel News recently spoke with Eva Chipiuk and John Carpay to discuss a landmark ruling in the Ingram v. Alberta case. The two weighed in on the massive implications of the ruling which struck down Dr. Deena Hinshaw’s Charter-infringing COVID-19 restrictions as unlawful.

In that interview, we discussed whether this decision would result in charges being dropped for the many Albertans who have been facing legal fines, are living under strict bail conditions, or have spent time behind bars for refusing to comply with unlawful restrictions.

Since that interview, there has been good news to report with charges against pastors Tim Stephens and James Coates having already been set aside with more acquittals expected in the coming weeks.

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