Rebel News was given exclusive access at the recent Free Speech in Medicine conference where experts had the opportunity to openly discuss controversial health and medical subjects, including transgenderism and safe supply, driven by concerns about the stifling of debate during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Medical professionals and concerned citizens convened in a far back corner of Canada to openly discuss contentious health and medical issues last weekend.

Held in Baddeck, Nova Scotia, the second annual Free Speech in Medicine Conference provided a safe space for individuals to discuss controversial topics in medicine and science. This included COVID-19-related policy, biomedical security, free speech restrictions, transgenderism and the questionable effectiveness of harm reduction strategies.

The speakers have bravely contributed their insights, perspectives and research on these crucial yet often stigmatized topics within the medical community. The discussions encompassed a wide range of subjects, offering legal, medical and predominantly psychological viewpoints on issues such as gender dysphoria, the medical transition of children, and the significant impact COVID-19-related policies continue to have on society and the medical field.

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