Rebel News was present at the Conservative’s 2023 national convention held in Quebec from September 7 to the 9.

The Conservative Party of Canada’s policy convention was held in Quebec from September 7-9. On the first day, a caucus meeting, partially open to the media, was held. In the evening, the opening ceremony took place, featuring several speakers addressing the audience.

Among the speakers were retired Lt.-Gen. Michel Maisonneuve and his wife, retired Maj. Barbara Maisonneuve, who delivered eloquent speeches. Various members of the Conservative Parliament were also in attendance.

In total, approximately 60 political topics were on the convention’s agenda to be discussed and debated. Hundreds of people from all over Canada came to participate in this democratic decision-making process.

The most significant concerns for these individuals were primarily related to Canada’s taxation system. With a cost of living crisis, housing affordability issues, and a growing national debt, many expressed their economic concerns.

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