Millions of people turn to artificial tears this time of year to relieve itchy, irritated eyes. Doctors say that, with some precautions, most eyedrops are safe to use.

The Food and Drug Administration recently cautioned consumers against using 27 different kinds of eyedrops — its third eyedrop-related warning this year — leading Americans to question whether any drops are safe to use.

On Wednesday, the FDA said that pharmaceutical company Cardinal Health was recalling eyedrops sold under the Rugby brand after it received three reports of blurry vision, vision loss and burning eyes.

Overall, however, experts say that artificial tears are not dangerous provided that consumers are aware of what they’re putting in their eyes, and take certain precautions while doing it.

“Any lubricating drop that has not been recalled and is still available on pharmacy shelves should be perfectly safe,” Dr. Christopher Starr, a spokesperson for the American Academy of Ophthalmology, wrote in an email.

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