While he and his wife were visiting Mexico over the weekend, German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich was seized by the German government and taken back to Germany where he was arrested and taken to a jail in Frankfurt.
Fuellmich is leading the “Second Nuremberg” project to hold the purveyors behind the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “pandemic” and its associated “vaccines” responsible for their crimes against humanity, making him an enemy of the state.

According to reports, Fuellmich lost his passport and scheduled a visit to the Germany embassy in Tijuana. When he arrived, German officials were ready and waiting for him, along with a 30-page document full his charges, which as of now have not been revealed publicly.

“When he entered the embassy on Friday, there were six men waiting to detain him,” explains Leo Hohmann on his blog.

“The charges, as his attorney Dagmar Shoen found out when she received the official papers, were 30 pages long, so this was something carefully planned and executed. The charges are related to allegations of Viviane Fischer, a former team member of Fuellmich’s on the Corona Committee, who accused him of financial wrongdoing.”

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