Exploring the forgotten but critically important science of zeta potential

Story at a Glance:
•Since vaccines frequently cause a wide range of side effects this makes it challenging to identify what the common thread between those injuries. One of the best candidates that has been put forward is vaccination triggering microstrokes throughout the body—a process which I believe also underlies many other chronic diseases.

•In the in 1960s (and earlier) a large volume of forgotten research was produced showing that blood cells clumping together was the root cause of a variety of diseases. In parallel, Chinese medicine came to an identical conclusion which has recently been validated by modern scientific instrumentation.

•The science of colloidal chemistry and zeta potential has shown that the primary factor which causes blood cells to clump together are the electrical charges present around them. Many of the most harmful agents in existence (e.g., aluminum or the COVID spike protein) coincidentally also happen to contain a positive charge which is remarkably effective at clumping fluids together.

•I believe impaired zeta potential (especially in the modern era) is the root cause of a wide range of diseases and that treating zeta potential is one of the most effective means to address both acute and chronic illness. Likewise, a strong case can be made that many effective conventional and holistic therapies ultimately work by improving the physiologic zeta potential.

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