Governments around the world are colluding to release risky genetic technologies that spread into the environment and affect us without our consent.

Story at a Glance:

•Seven months ago, Maui was hit by unusual and devastating wildfires. Since that time, the world has tried to help the people of Maui, but owing to both the gravity of their situation and an inept relief response, many of the people there are struggling physically, emotionally and economically. This necessitates finding out exactly what happened in Maui and holding those responsible accountable.

•Many of Hawaii’s problems originate from it having a corrupt government which has effectively been bought out by the biotech industry. Because of this, a variety of harmful genetic technologies have been forced on the people against their consent (even when the people voted against them).

•The biotech sector has become increasingly bold in violating the foundational principles of medical ethics (e.g., the COVID vaccines were unsafe, untested, and ineffective, but nonetheless forced upon humanity). These violations are causing the public to lose their trust in the medical industry and the industry is responding to this by concocting even more reprehensible ways to force people to take their products such as the WHO’s pandemic treaty or deploying self-spreading vaccines.

•A variety of lucrative biotechnologies are being developed to reduce mosquito levels. Maui has been chosen as the test site for a risky experiment which will irreversibly flood the island with harmful mosquitos that have not been tested for safety and many have warned against. This biopesticide program (for which Hawaii’s government is receiving millions from the Biden administration) was forced through while the public’s focus was on Lahaina and appears to be being protected by Hawaii’s corrupt court system.

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