Western provinces receiving full compensation after opting out of new Federal cost-shared programs.
Scrap existing Equalization Formula.
Participation in negotiating and implementing international agreements affecting the West’s interests.
Repeal Bills C-48 (North Pacific Tanker Ban) and C-69 (No New Pipelines).
Scrap the national carbon tax in its entirety and advocates all western provinces scrap any provincial carbon taxes.
Removal of interprovincial barriers to trade through agreements, including trade dispute settlement mechanisms.
Meeting with Indigenous peoples that have conveyed progressive agendas and the need for change regarding the Indian Act.
Amend rules that would see substantially increased fines or potential expulsion from the House of Commons for ethics violations.
Advocate for an examination of the existing childcare provisions with the goal of supporting families with children.
Not bringing forward legislation on public policies that reflect Canadians most deeply held personal values.
Oppose Liberal firearms confiscation program.
Advocate for more control over immigration to western provinces.
End taxpayer funding of media.

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