One hospice group in Frisco, Texas was caught by the FBI trying to avoid repayment to Medicare by killing its hospice patients. The hospice owner reportedly instructed staff to overdose patients who were living “too long.” One of his disclosed texts to a nurse read, “He better not make it tomorrow. Or I will blame u.”

An Indiana resident known to LifeSiteNews who would like to remain anonymous (referred to here as Sarah) recently shared her concern that a hospice group was responsible for the sudden decline and hastened death of a dear friend of hers who suffered from brain cancer.

While the cancer was terminal, the pace of his decline and its accompanying heavy sedation raised red flags for Sarah. Not long before his death, she said, he was singing in ICU. A few days later, on a Thursday, she said he was alert, talking a little, and eating pureed food. The next day, Sarah found him heavily sedated, and six days later, with continuing sedation and no food or water (it is typical of hospice groups not to provide IV hydration), he was dead.

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