Tucker Carlson announced on X (formerly Twitter) that he visited investigative journalist Julian Assange at the Belmarsh maximum security prison in London Thursday morning. A photo shows Carlson walking with Assange’s wife, Stella. Details about the meeting are not readily known.

Julian Assange was born in Australia in 1971. He is best known for founding WikiLeaks in 2006. With help from American whistleblower Bradley “Chelsea” Manning, WikiLeaks revealed war crimes carried out by U.S., NATO, and other military forces, prompting Western intelligence agencies to launch an investigation into his activities. Assange is currently facing 18 criminal counts by the United States government.

WikiLeaks has released emails from high-ranking American political actors as well, including longtime Clinton associate John Podesta.

Podesta’s bizarrely worded emails about President Obama, “hot dogs,” and “cheese pizza” are believed by some to be coded messages about Washington elites engaging in pedophilia and human trafficking. The scandal was dubbed “Pizzagate” and labelled a “conspiracy theory” by the mainstream media in 2016.

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