Canada’s Justice Minister Arif Virani has promised to introduce so-called “online harms” legislation “as soon as possible,” spurring fears that this may mean the revival of a lapsed bill from 2021 which looked to target free speech by banning certain legal internet content.

On Monday at a press conference dealing with antisemitism in light of the Israel-Hamas war, Virani, who was recently appointed to his position by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, claimed that Canada needs “a safe and secure digital environment as much as we need safe streets in our communities.”

Virani made no promise as to when this new legislation would come, but did say, “I’m trying to make sure we see it as soon as possible.”

He asserted that while Canada has “freedom of expression on one hand, which creates a vibrant democracy and allows us to differentiate ourselves from other parts of the world,” on the other hand, the government has gotten “pressure to ensure that when people are communicating online, they’re not actually targeting groups, they’re not promoting or vilifying groups, promoting hatred or violence against them.”

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